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Are you a Real Estate Investor looking for a property management company in the Eugene Oregon area?

Grand Realty’s property management helps investors maximize their properties “ROI” or return on investment. 

As investors ourselves in the Eugene Oregon area we know how challenging it can be to maintain profitability with rental housing. 

As a real estate investor in the Eugene Oregon area, you need a property manager in the Eugene Oregon area, who understands your needs. 

Our #1 rule is to maximize the profit of the investor. 

We do this by: 

  1. Utilizing a network of people who provide us cost-effective maintenance rates. 
  2. Finding quality renters through our extensive screening process. 
  3. Increasing rents in a timely manner to ensure all rents keep up with current market rents. 
  4. Annual property inspections to stay ahead of any major maintenance issues. 

Most local property managers will manage any property, but Grand Realty Investments focuses on investors who own portfolios of properties. This can range from smaller portfolios where you are looking to grow your portfolio further or a larger portfolio where it’s about managing the cash flow properly. 

We do not intend to be the property manager for everyone. We choose to work with a sophisticated group of people who understand investment properties. We maintain personalized relationships with our clients because we choose to focus on a smaller group of people who hold a larger number of properties. 

We understand the thinking and preferences of our clients and tailor our approach to fit their preferences. This improves the speed at which we work and streamlines communication. 

Focusing on a smaller client base with a larger amount of properties ensures that we have satisfied tenants and satisfied clients. 

It helps us to quickly assess potential tenant and property issues that come up. Speed and efficiency are two of the most important aspects to us and allows us to maximize revenues and minimize costs for clients. 

Your team is loaded with expertise and experience!

Ricky Grand has a background in finance and financial investments, so numbers are his thing. He knows property valuations and projecting cash flows through and through. Ricky also holds a degree in finance from the UofO.



Robert Grand, Grand Realty, Top Real Estate Agent Eugene OregonRobert Grand has a background in contracting and knows what it takes to get projects done. Robert has over 15 years of construction & real estate experience. Robert is also a Captain at the Eugene & Springfield Fire Department. Robert understands what it takes to lead a team. 


Robert and Ricky have both been around real estate since they were young. Their mother started her real estate company 20+ years ago, which started our passion for real estate. 

We are local!

Having grown up in the lane county area, we know this market and the submarkets better than most. Additionally, we hold a General Contractors license, and we are bonded and insured.  

We also maintain a real estate brokerage, so we help our clients acquire and dispose of properties. We are versed in all aspects of real estate from acquiring and screening tenants to disposing of properties and from assessing repairs to completely remodeling or building new houses.

As investors ourselves, we recognize what investors are looking for in a property manager. We own rentals, and we understand the nuances of owning properties. We also understand the balancing act investors go through on a daily basis when it comes to maximizing cash flow while also accounting for maintenance and repairs. 

Our Why?

Why did we start property management?

  • We weren’t satisfied with what we found in the marketplace.
  • Most property management companies don’t specifically focus on investors.
  • Most property managers were focused on maximizing the owner/investor’s ROI.
  • Most Realtors don’t want to handle the property for investors after the close. 

This is where Grand Realty realized there was a niche opportunity.  Focus on the needs of investors which happen to be our own needs too. We want to provide you the best property management in Eugene Oregon. 

We are a full-service manager. 

We don’t just acquire tenants for the properties…. We manage all repairs and maintenance issues that come up. We manage all major construction or rehab projects.

We also manage all the bills pay for multifamily properties (water and electric). We take over all aspects of the property so that you can focus on what you enjoy, making deals and acquiring more cash flowing properties. We also help locate and analyze potential deals, so we are always scouring the market for opportunities to bring to our clients.


Vacancies and maintenance can destroy cash flow, so we do not waste time when a tenant puts in a 30-day notice. 

First, we try to maintain that relationship and keep the tenant if possible. However, our goal is to have it rented again within 2 weeks if they do leave and will do our best to meet that goal. 

We always strive to find ways to get our investors the highest market rents possible. 


We charge a fair percentage to our investor clients, and that fee is applied to collected rents only. If the tenant pays a late fee, we pass on the full late fee to the owner. If the tenant pays a utility or sewage charge, we pass on the full amount to the owner. 

Maintenance and Repairs

As mentioned previously, we have rehabbed many properties and hold a General Contractors license. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. 

We know when it’s appropriate to send in our handyman or when it’s time to do a larger project such as a bathroom remodels. We don’t take these tasks lightly. 

Consideration is always given to how the project will maintain the condition of the property, increase rents, and affect the cash flow of the property. 

Larger projects are always done in consultation with an owner before being implemented.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

As mentioned, we are always tracking the market and looking for opportunities. On and off-market properties are always being watched with the intent to add them to client portfolios. 

Portfolio properties are routinely evaluated from an investment standpoint to balance holding property or capitalizing on disposing of a property with the intent to use a 1031 exchange to acquire something else. 

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We want to help you build a bigger and stronger portfolio than you currently have.

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