Luxury Home For Sale In Eugene Oregon

Are You Looking For A Luxury Home For Sale In Eugene Oregon?

Grand Realty helps people create and buy some of the most premier luxury homes in Eugene Oregon.

Luxury Homes In Eugene Oregon


We love the beauty of an amazing luxury home. Eugene is one of the best cities to live in Oregon. We create amazing homes ourselves. As a real estate and investment company if we can’t find that perfect Eugene Oregon luxury homes we can help you create it. We buy and rehab our own properties to resale. Our mission is to create beautiful luxurious homes in Eugene.

What Does It Take To Buy A Luxury Home In Eugene Oregon?

Finding a luxury home for sale in Eugene Oregon might be the easy part. Understanding what will make your offer rise above the competition is the harder part.

Consider these top 4 things when making an offer on a luxury home.

  1. How many offers are on the home when you are making your offer. This will determine if you have an opportunity to be more competitive in your offer price. If there aren’t any offers you can be more aggressive in your price. If there are offers, offering less will likely cause you to not get the home.
  2. Cash is king. If you can bring all cash to the table to make your home purchase then you will likely rise above all others. Typically cash offers can close quickly and appraisals aren’t necessary to close.
  3. Time on the market. Many people think because a home has been on the market for a while it is prime for a low ball offer. On luxury homes in Eugene Oregon, homes above 500k typically take 90-120 days to sell. The buyer pool is a lot less than the entry-level market.
  4. Knowing your must-haves in a luxury home is important. It’s extremely hard to get everything you want when purchasing a home. When searching for a luxury home for sale in Eugene Oregon its important to know the minimum must-haves.

Here Is Our Custom List Of Luxury Homes In Eugene Oregon.

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Why Work With Grand Realty?

Grand Realty specializes in Eugene OR. We work where we live. We have owned multiple homes, investments and short term rentals in the Eugene OR area. Finding that perfect home can be hard in this competitive market. Over the last 5 years, we have helped over 300 buyers and sellers in the Eugene OR area achieve their home goals.  We are considered insiders in Eugene OR and have insider information and potentially valuable access to off-market homes because we also buy homes directly from sellers for cash. If you need a Realtor in Eugene who understands the whole area and the best places to live, Grand Realty is your team!

Looking to sell your Eugene Home? Great! We’ll help you maximize your profit and sell your house fast with our vast network, marketing systems and value-driven approach!

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