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Most of the investment properties in Eugene Oregon we find are off-market. Searching through MLS is challenging. When an amazing deal pops up, you have to move fast.

Grand Realty focuses specifically on investment properties in Eugene Oregon. Properties in MLS usually are very competitive. We decided we needed another path to find investment properties in Eugene Oregon.

What did we do? We took a risk and shifted all of our marketing to people who need to sell. Over the last 12 months, we have purchased multiple investment properties in Eugene Oregon with our new process.

We still find deals in MLS but we don’t feel the need to crunch our profit margins down to nothing. If the deal fits our criteria and the numbers work MLS or not we will do it or one of our investors will.

When searching for an investment property in Eugene Oregon you should consider what your plan is. Grand Realty typically has two paths.

The first path is to buy rehab, rent and refinance. Investment properties in Eugene Oregon have to meet s specific set of criteria for Grand Realty to purchase these homes. We are looking to have an increased value of 20-25% after the repair costs added to the property. With this type of home, they are typically in pretty rough shape. They tend to cash flow really well and it serves a great purpose of providing quality rental properties in Eugene Oregon.

The second path is the rehab or flipping path. We focus on opportunistic flipping. Meaning if the numbers are really amazing after we have calculated our tax liability then we might consider doing a flip. MLS often has larger homes that need updating. These larger homes leave a better opportunity zone with the property.

At Grand Realty we specifically market to people who need to get their homes sold quickly. We have an all-inclusive company that can help you make your purchase and help you sell it. Or if you are keeping it as a longer-term investment we provide property management specifically for Investors in Eugene Oregon.

To get started working with Grand Realty all you will need to do is fill out the form to make contact with us. Once we have made contact we can add you to our off-market property list.

Grand Realty’s off-market list is only sent out to our investors who we know can close on a potential opportunity.

Finding investment properties in Eugene Oregon can be challenging if you aren’t looking every single day and getting into properties quickly.

Grand Realty can provide the speed of access and the ability to help you quickly evaluate the repairs to know within minutes what your maximum offer price can be.

Grand Realty wants to build long terms relationships with other investors in the Eugene Oregon area. We want to work right beside you and help you achieve your Real Estate investing goals.

If you are currently looking for your next investment property in Eugene Oregon, consider working with the pros who have the right investment knowledge.

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