Whats The Cost Of A Bad Foundation When Buying A Home In Eugene Oregon?

What’s The Cost Of A Bad Foundation When Buying A Home In Eugene Oregon?

Foundations can be a big issue. How do you know when a foundation is failing? What are the warning signs inside a house? If you are buying a home in Eugene Oregon a bad foundation can cost you $1000’s. As an Investor and Relator, a bad foundation is a no go situation for Grand Realty.

Don’t miss these important foundation mistakes when buying or selling a home in Eugene Oregon

Warning Signs

  • Strange cracks around windows
  • Irregular cracks or shearing fractures of the drywall
  • Strange ceiling fractures or cracks
  • Fractures of the foundation wall at the corners.
  • Sinking steps at the entrance
  • Sinking walkways
  • Random foundation fractures bigger than 1/2″

The above are all big warning signs when buying a house in Eugene Oregon. If you see any of the above or if you see anything similar to what you see in the video, take extra precaution before making an offer on the house. A foundation is hard to price in the term of how much will it cost me later. Minor foundation issues aren’t a big deal. If you are dealing with a major issue that requires a lot of work it can cost you $1000’s in the sale of your home.

Questions To Ask If You Suspect A Foundation Issue

  1. Have you had a foundation repair expert come to evaluate the foundation?
  2. Have you had an engineer evaluate the foundation?
  3. Do any doors not close in your home?
  4. Have you had to fix doors that wouldn’t close?
  5. Do you have any water issues around your home?

These questions should clue you into any foundation issues that may be going on when buying a home in Eugene Oregon.

Foundation issues are very common in older homes. It’s not the end of the world but you want to proceed with caution and ensure you appropriately get your foundation fixed before buying the home.

Foundation Resources



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