Signs of A Bad Agent in Eugene

Bad Agent

Most of us, when buying or selling a house, have a pretty good idea of the major steps in the process. And as in all relationships, if things aren’t going well with the agent, we tend to look at ourselves first to see if that’s where the problem lies. It could be, though, that the problem is with the agent. While most agents do an admirable job of seeing to their clients’ interests, there are a few bad apples out there.  To help you out, then, here are the signs of a bad agent in Eugene.

Power Issues

You definitely need an agent with the confidence to guide you through the complex process of completing what is likely the largest financial transaction of your life. Still, your agent must always remember that you are the boss and have the ultimate say about things. A bad agent in Eugene will take that confidence too far and exhibit power issues. An example would be pressuring you to accept a price that is actually too high in order to collect a larger commission.

Little Leadership

At the other end of the spectrum is the agent who doesn’t or can’t assume a leadership role at all. You don’t, of course, want an agent who has to have all the power and control, but you also don’t want one who makes you do that part of her job. A good agent will give you honest advice and valuable guidance based on solid research and years of experience. A bad agent will likely be too wishy-washy and so unable to negotiate a good deal for you. (You can find out even more about the qualities your agent should possess by calling 541-249-5990.)

Poor Attitude

You can also recognize a bad agent in Eugene by the poor attitude where there should be professionalism and courtesy. Confidence (which we mentioned) should never become rudeness. Real estate deals involve a lot of technical terms and financial and legal jargon, and your agent should always be ready and willing to explain these when necessary. Your agent must also treat the buyers/sellers you encounter with respect and professionalism.

Lack of Communication

A related problem you will encounter in a bad agent is a lack of communication and/or unavailability. You should – because you will be paying her – always be able to easily get in touch with your agent at just about any reasonable hour and through several channels of communication. This is especially true in a hot housing market where moving quickly can be critical for a good deal. If you can’t get in touch with your agent, you may miss out on home-buying or home-selling opportunities.

No Results

Finally, if you’re not seeing any results, it may be because you have a bod agent. If you’ve been working with that agent for months and you’re no closer to a sale, it very well may be the agent’s fault (though there are many other variables to which it can be attributed as well). Still, if your agent isn’t showing your home or showing you homes you might be interested in, it’s probably time to fire that agent and hire a new one.

What to Do When You Have a Bad Agent in Eugene

If you discover that you have a bad agent, one who is not looking out for your best interests,  remember that the National Association of Realtors holds its members to a certain level of accountability, and you can, in the worst-case scenario, file a complaint with that organization. But the best and easiest step to take when you find you have a bad agent is simply to hire a good agent.

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