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Partnerships = Success 2018 In Review – Grand Realty Eugene Oregon

Reflecting on the past is something I don’t spend a lot of time doing. I tend to be the type that burns the boat and swims ashore.  I’ve learned in doing so, that only gives you the option to move forward and face what’s in front of you.

The New Year is a great time to look back at your previous year and reflect. This year I asked myself one simple question. What was your biggest take away from 2018?

I learned a lot in 2018. Much of my learning was forced upon myself from mistakes. Mistakes, often give you the best experience of all. I know this because I’ve made a lot of them and have gained a lot of experience over the years.

Making mistakes wasn’t my biggest takeaway. My biggest lesson learned from last year was learning to form great partnerships. Previously, I would attempt to do everything on my own. I never wanted to give up anything to partner with other people.

In 2018 I started my year off right away with a solid partnership. On 1/28/18, I proposed to Shelly Kane. see post: This was the highlight of my year after She said Yes! To be honest I wasn’t sure it was going to be a yes. Many have tried, but none have succeeded.

It set the stage for more partnerships over the year. Shelly gave me the confidence to grow.

Over the last year, Shelly and I have done a lot. 2018 laid the foundation for 2019 to be a really amazing year with our personal side projects and life together.  One of the best parts was becoming part of her family and getting to know her kids.

Remember, a few months ago when I fired myself? See post:  In order to fire myself, I had to create another partnership. After running my brother Ricky through the wringer and pushing him hard in our Real Estate company, I realized I would be a fool not to partner with him. His drive mirrors mine and his talent for understanding numbers are unmatchable. A new partnership was formed and he now owns about half of Grand Realty. Already having him as a partner has been amazing for brainstorming and plotting the new course for our company. I’m certain the ceilings I hit before will be broken in 2019.

Impact Club started way back in 2017. We have done a lot for our local community. My partnership with my buddy Ryan Fletcher has been one of the best growth and learning experiences in my life. Tackling Impact Club and growing it to 112 members hasn’t been easy. It’s become a lot easier for me on the backend with all the hard work and planning from Ryan. The support of each and every Impact Club member has been amazing too. I see every member as a friend and a partner in Impact Club. Without them, it wouldn’t be so successful.

Those are just a few of the amazing partnerships I have formed in the last year. I’ve learned a lot about how a great partnership can create a lot more success in your life!

All of this couldn’t be done without the support of my family and most importantly my two amazing daughters Kirsten and Gabby!

Have a great year!

Robert Grand- Grand Realty - Eugene Oregon
Robert Grand /Grand Realty/ Eugene Oregon/


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