How to Buy a Property With No Money Down In Eugene Oregon

How to Buy a Property With No Money Down In Eugene Oregon

Can you buy an investment property with no money down? Many people have told me it can’t be done. But I’m here to tell you that it does happen and it can happen. 

And I’m going to give you a strategy that I would use if I were looking for an investment involving no money down. 

Cash or Longevity

The first thing that I would do is find the properties that have either been paid for by cash, or have been owned for a really long time. 

If you found a property that has been owned for 20 plus years, there’s a high probability that the property is paid off.

If somebody’s paid cash for a home and they’ve owned it for a longer time, then you know that it’s paid off. 

And there are a lot of different ways that you can look up the ownership and the length of ownership. 

But Why Would Someone Take No Money Down?

“Why would they do that?” You may be asking. 

Why would somebody ever owner carry a property? And why would they let you do it for no money down? 

When you buy a property as an investment, you get the benefit of the rental income, and you also get the benefit of the tax depreciation. 

If I, as the owner, ran through my depreciation, and I didn’t want to sell it, I would consider becoming the bank on the property. 

If I become the bank on the property, then I get the interest that the person pays every single month. I’m now receiving a loan payment and that loan payment comes with an interest. 

So if you’re asking me for zero money down. I would probably negotiate. 

I would negotiate a higher rate, leaving you with a higher payment giving you that property with no money down.

There are a lot of savvy people in the real estate investment world that have negotiated investments just like that, and so it’s a very plausible and a very realistic thing to potentially get started in real estate investing. 

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