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Community- Relationship- Impact

Over the past few years, I’ve often heard people do business with people they share the same values with. I would hear this and then say yea I get it. It makes sense. A few days ago I sat through a business planning event with Trevor Mauch owner of Carrot and fellow ImpactClub® Eugene member. Trevor definitely has a way of helping you realize what you can accomplish. What’s even cooler is he does these events for free.

I opened my binder to start taking notes and an old note appeared. I had it in written down “ People Do Business With People They Know, Like, and Trust”. Funny I thought, I haven’t seen that in a while. It is funny when things like that just pop back into your life at the right moment, isn’t it?

A few months ago I started working on what the values were for Grand Realty. It’s not easy to put down on paper and convey specific words to explain what you stand for. I asked myself over and over one question. What do you stand for? It’s generally not a grey area. Just like in college football, you either like the Ducks or Beavers. It’s unusual to be both and if you are, likely one outweighs the other.

We all have seen people who aren’t sure what they stand for. When they are hanging out with their Beaver fans they are a Beaver fan. When they are hanging with the Duck fans they are all about the green and yellow. They haven’t decided because they might hurt someone’s feelings.

A choice has to be made and some people might not be happy with the choice. It’s okay! I’m a Duck fan! I’m okay with a Beaver fan not being too happy with my choice in teams. I always want an Oregon school to beat any other school unless it affects the chances of the Ducks ranking.

In business, it’s no different. Sometimes you connect with a potential client and other times you don’t and they don’t do business with you. Hopefully, it wasn’t because you didn’t convey your values. If more people conveyed their beliefs they might have a different outcome.

It took awhile, but we adopted a pretty cool belief system. They work in my business beliefs and also my personal life.

The first is Relationships. The most important aspect of our business isn’t getting a lead. It’s building a relationship with like-minded people. The world may continue to evolve with technology and streamline every business out there, but it cannot replace a relationship. It’s human nature to seek out relationships. We Value Relationships!

The second is Community. Once you form a relationship with people who believe what you believe the next step is a community. Everyone wants to belong and stand for something. No matter how big or small. Our Community Is The Foundation!

The last is Impact. An impact cannot be made without solid relationships within a community. Our goal is to build relationships in our community to make a lasting impact on people’s lives. We Impact The Lives Of Our Community And Relationships!

Community, Relationships & Impact! It’s that simple. That’s what we stand for at Grand Realty.


Have a great day!

Robert Grand


Robert Grand, Grand Realty, Top Real Estate Agent Eugene Oregon

Robert Grand

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