A Beginners Guide To Flipping Homes In Eugene

Today home flipping is probably the most popular strategy for making money in real estate investing.  And it can indeed be a viable way to make a significant return on your investment, but there are also pitfalls to avoid and a fairly established procedure you should follow. The really good news is that you can … Continued

41627 Madrone St. Springfield Oregon Investment Property

41627 Madrone St. Springfield Oregon Investment Property Purchase Price: $187,000 Sales Price: $334,900 Potential Profit: $147,000 Rehab Cost: $75,000 Realtor Fees: 16,745 Actual Profit: 55,255   Project Overview: The project was purchased and completed by Robert Grand of Grand Realty in Eugene OR and Shelly Kane of Moxie Design in Eugene OR. This home was brought … Continued

5 Reasons Why Investors Need To Partner With A Top Eugene Real Estate Agent

Real estate investors are skilled at evaluating deals and recognizing profit potential. Real estate agents have skill and expertise in helping clients navigate the process of buying and/or selling properties. And those would seem to be the two essential ingredients for a successful partnership in real estate investing. Agents can certainly bring a lot of … Continued

Signs of A Bad Agent in Eugene

Most of us, when buying or selling a house, have a pretty good idea of the major steps in the process. And as in all relationships, if things aren’t going well with the agent, we tend to look at ourselves first to see if that’s where the problem lies. It could be, though, that the … Continued

Signs Your Eugene Agent is Passionate About Real Estate

Real estate agents work on commission, and for some of them chasing that commission is their primary goal. That’s understandable, though, because real estate can be a tough business, and those commissions can be far and few between. It involves long hours, working at inconvenient hours, and careful attention to detail. It’s best, then, to try … Continued

How To Make Money On Real Estate in Eugene

Real estate has created more wealth for more people than any other industry – a lot of millionaires can attest to that. But it’s not always as easy as those guys selling the real estate investing courses would have you believe. It takes some operating capital, a lot of knowledge, a good amount of time, … Continued