#AskGrandRG: Who Pays For the Well and Septic Inspection? (VIDEO)

#AskGrandRG: Who Pays For Well and Septic?

Dave asks, “When I buy a property with both well and septic, should I expect to pay for having them inspected by a professional?”

In Oregon, when you do any sort of a well test, there’s a required minimum water quality test, and that is paid for by the seller.

Now in a real estate transaction, everything is up for negotiation, except for that one thing, the base well quality water testing. After that, if you want to add arsenic testing, lead testing, or anything like that, it would be up to you.

We always recommend that the seller arrange for the water quality testing and well flow test. If a well flow test comes in low, then you can’t get financing on the property.

The septic system is completely open for negotiation.

We always require that the seller pay to have the septic tank pumped, for obvious reasons. To totally inspect a septic system, you need to have it completely pumped so they can get down, take a look, check out all the baffling, test the drain field, and test everything that needs to be tested with a septic system.

So in the end, it’s always up for negotiation, except for the base water quality testing. The septic system is something that you can totally negotiate. Have a question? We’d love to help out. Just leave it below.

Robert Grand

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