#AskGrandRG: How Do I Know If I Live In a Floodplain? (VIDEO)

#AskGrandRG: How Do I Know If I Live In a Floodplain?

Jason asks: “I’m considering buying a home that’s close to a local river and I’ve heard that there’s a potential for flooding. How can I find out that the home is in a floodplain?”

The quick answer is go to FEMA and type in your address. That will tell you if your house is in a floodplain.

Now when you look at a river and you understand where that flow path is, there’s always going to be 50, 100, maybe 200 feet around that river where the flood plain would be, so if your home is close to the river, there’s a high probability that it’s going to be in the floodplain. But if you are a little bit further out or elevated up higher then there’s a good chance that you’re not.

And there are different levels to a floodplain, so the ones immediately closest to the river, obviously, are going to be in the highest level of the floodplain, and the further you get away the better off you are and the less flood insurance you’ll have to pay.

But there are a few things that you’ll end up needing if you do have a house that’s in a floodplain. You need to know which flood zone you’re in. You’re also need to know a base site elevation to determine where your house sits so if a flood were to hit how much you would be affected inside that elevation. This is the information that your insurance company will want to know.

If you are potentially buying a house that’s in a floodplain you’ll want to check and see if they’ve got the base elevation certificate done, and which type of flood zone you’re in. So there’s a bunch of different ones, and those are all regulated by FEMA to just kind of determine how much you’re going to pay for flood insurance.

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