#AskGrandRG: Can I Just Work With the Seller’s Agent (and get a better deal)? (VIDEO)

#AskGrandRG: Can I Just Work With the Seller's Agent (and get a better deal)?

Why shouldn’t you just go walk right into a house and work with the listing agent when you’re looking to purchase a home?

In the real estate world, we call that a dual agency. But let me tell you why you wouldn’t want to do that.

Hypothetically, let’s say I’m hosting an open house and it’s my listing and you walk in. We talk, and you propose we work together and avoid a buyer’s agent. You’re thinking you may get a better deal, right?

Number one, in the real estate world, an agent has to present all offers to the seller. So every offer would be presented without bias. All that we can do as real estate agents is lay out what are the best terms for their situation.

Now, using the seller’s agent is called a dual agency. In a dual agency there’s just some extra paperwork that you have to do but it’s not gonna give you that tactical advantage and you’re not going to get a better price because of it. Typically, the commissions are set beforehand and they don’t really adjust past that point. So the benefit is this — is going to get both sides of the commission. Is it good for you? Probably not. Why? Because that agent’s going to have their listing and their sellers best interest at heart.

Now you’d like to think that they would represent everybody equally. Well, that’s really hard to do. T

At Grand Real Estate Investments, we avoid dual agency and use another agent in our office to have them work the other side of the transaction. We want to maintaina level of separation. So that way I can take care of my buyer’s best interest, or my seller’s best interests, and they can take care of the buyer’s best interest.

So you may think walking into a house that you’re going to get the best deal by just utilizing that agent and working with that agent but in reality, you’re going to hurt yourself by not getting the best representation possible.

I would recommend you to go find a buyer’s agent and work with that buyer’s agent and let them know exactly what you want and have them come up with the best tactical advantage to get you the best deal possible.

If you would like some help figuring out how to get your home listed for the highest amount of money possible, or if you want an amazing buyer’s agent, then give us a call at 541-249-5990 or look us up GrandRG.com.

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