3 Things To Do In Order To Sell Your Home Faster & For More Money In Eugene Oregon

3 Things To Do In Order To Sell Your Home Faster & For More Money In Eugene Oregon
Video Transcription

Robert Grand: Hey, I’m Robert Grand with Grand Real Estate Investments in Eugene, Oregon. If you’re planning to get your home sold, there’s three big things that you can do to really set your home apart. And right now, as of 2020 in April, we’re kind of going through a real estate transition where we kind of don’t really know what’s going to happen in the real estate market. There’s a lot of people that will speculate, but it’s really hard to tell. Everybody currently is still stuck at home, they can’t get out. So it’s kind of slowing things down a little bit. But there’s three things that in my last 10 years of being a real estate agent and a real estate investor that I’ve pinpointed that will work on every single home and will allow you to beat up everybody else in the market. And how do I know this?

I’ve probably sold over 200 homes in this Lane County area and I’ve invested and I’ve done multiple investment projects where I have rehabbed and flipped homes. And 100% of the time, this process has worked. And it’s the exact same process that we advise anybody that’s listing a home with our company, Grand Real Estate Investments, we walk them through this exact process, and I just want to put it out there so other people who potentially could be wanting to list their home would understand what they need to do in order to maximize the money.

So the first thing that you do when you’re trying to get your home sold, is you need to consult a professional for updates that are potentially needed for your home. And I know the first thing you’re going to say, “Oh gosh, now I’ve got to do all these updates.” Updates are the key. If you don’t do updates to your home, and they may be minor updates, but if you don’t do the updates to your home, then you’re going to be just like everybody else. So, there’s some minor updates that most homes can get or have done in order to make them look amazing compared to what they were. So if you have a dated home or even a newer home that was built within the last 10 years, there’s typically some cool little modernization things you can do.

The number one thing that you could do to a home’s kitchen when you’re trying to get your home sold is just updating the backsplash. A lot of the backsplashes in older homes start to look dated. The countertops are typically fine, but you can go through and do the backsplash and kind of do it all the way up underneath the cabinets and make it look really beautiful and make the kitchen look revitalized and brand new.

Painting the cabinets is also another quick technique. And I’m talking these things, typically like a backsplash in the kitchen, that probably could cost you $500 to $600. That same $500 to $600 can net you 10,000 to 15,000 more dollars for your home. If you paint your cabinets light and bright and you make them white, or a nice beautiful gray color, that could even net you more. Now it looks like you have this modern new cool kitchen. So those are all things that can get you a lot more money. But most importantly, it’s going to decrease your market time and get your home sold faster.

The second thing that you got to do, if you’re going to get your home sold in this market, is have a professional home staging consultation. Do you have to use the home stager? No. Should you use their advice? 100%. When you have a home stager come in and give you a professional evaluation on your home, they’re going to walk through from the buyer’s perspective. And what that does is it gives you a glimpse into what somebody walking through your home would love to see in it, right? So most homes are really nice and you’ve lived in them for a long time, so you tend to not see things that somebody with a fresh set of eyes would see. And I know that you’re probably going to sit there and say, “Gosh, but my home is awesome. It doesn’t need anything. It’s beautiful.” We get that all the time. But you need to ask yourself this, is it HGTV ready?

And this is the biggest thing that I’ve found in my last 10 years of being an investor agent, is if your home’s not HGTV ready, it’s going to look just like everybody else’s and you’re not going to have any uniqueness to it that’s going to bring people through the door. So, if you can create that HGTV pop, and what I mean by that is everybody’s home search, they say it starts online, but I would actually argue their home search starts way before that when they’re watching TV. That same home search starts on TV when they start watching those shows that are like, “Flip this house,” those HGTV, all the other programs out there that are involving homes.

In the end, they produce these beautiful products and you’re like, “Man, this is amazing. This is what I want in a home.” It starts to set the brain up to think, “Here’s what I want to see in a home when I start looking for a home.” So if your home’s not HGTV ready, then it’s going to be really hard for them to go through it and envision what it could be to make it look like that. Because a lot of people, they don’t have that ability. So, using a home staging pro will give you the best tactical advantage to get your home to that next level on top of the little updates that you can do around your home.

So, what does a home staging pro or what are they going to do for you? Number one, they’re going to advise you on if you’re living in the house, how you can repurpose what’s there in your house and utilize it. And number two, if needed, they’re going to come in and they’re going to completely stage your home. Maybe your stuff’s a little bit older, maybe you love that big giant leather couch, but it takes up 90% of the space in the room. You probably need smaller furniture to make the room look bigger. That’s what a home staging pro will do for you. They can work with you, they can go through the palace, they can remove stuff, they can add stuff and make your home look really awesome.

The last thing that you have to do if you’re going to get your home sold and get it sold for more money and less time, is professional photography and potentially video. So, a huge red flag for me with anybody that I’ve ever evaluated post them working with another agent is the first impression I get is from the photos. So if somebody calls Grand Real Estate Investments and says, “Hey, we need to get our home sold. We just couldn’t get it sold. Can you give us a cash offer? We’re not in a hurry, but we couldn’t get it sold on the market.” So I instantly think, “Huh, I wonder what’s wrong with this home.” And I go and I look up the MLS listing and I start looking at all the details and breaking down where it went wrong. And 99% of the time, it’s with the photos, and the lack of video.

So, using a professional photographer is the key to making your home show amazing. You know, they used to say like your first impression to a home is that curb appeal, but nowadays your first impression and that curb appeal actually are the photos online with your own.

So if you have that all dialed and it looks great, then you’re going to have a lot more success, and you’re going to lower that barrier for people to have the ability to not show up to your house. So they’re going to want to see it if it looks really clean. So if you’ve got some of those minor updates done, if you’ve used professional staging, or they’ve helped you take what you have and repurposed it, and then the last is getting those professional photos done with your house. And some houses are big enough to where you can shoot a really cool video. And if you can do a video, that gives them that additional perspective to see the inside and start really visualizing what it’s going to look like if they were to walk in through the door.

So if it feels good in the photos and the video, you’re going to get them through the door, and that is going to get you a higher price for your home and it’s going to get it sold in less days. You’re going to stand out on market and you’re going to go ahead and beat up all of your competition around. And you can do it all yourself, or you can work with your agent and have your agent help you get this all done, or you can give Grand Real Estate Investments a call today at 541-225-4819 and we will help you get this done.

Robert Grand

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